Music as Data: Understanding & Analyzing Our Sonic World

Dr. Wilder explores the history of music as data and the limitations of traditional notation when attempting to capture the nuances of performance. He then discusses current LLM approaches, related brain research, and explores proven music-centric approaches to produce useful and meaningful results. 🎸 🎹 🎺 #MusicAI #LanguageAI #MusicNotation #SoundScience

Ask an AI: Why are some musical ideas better than others?

This interview explores the factors that determine the quality and longevity of musical ideas. Greg and his new AI friend discuss the subjective nature of musical judgment, objective measures, success factors, and the evolution of musical ideas, ultimately emphasizing the importance of studying enduring musical ideas to enhance AI-generated music quality. 🤖👂🎶🎧 #AskAnAI #MusicalIdeas

Examples vs. Ideas: Creative Challenge Facing LLMs

Dr. Greg Wilder dives into the distinction between LLMs trained on past examples and the human creation of inspired ideas, emphasizing various challenges ahead for current language models to generate truly creative and inspired content. He suggests that future creative AI will need to discover ways to identify and apply human-like inspiration to generate lasting art. #CreativeAI #ArtGeneration 🎨 🎶 💃

Lessons from Musical Evolution for Smarter Music Algorithms

How is musical quality shaped by our brains and culture? Can we draw parallels between musical evolution and Darwinian natural selection? The discussion highlights the role of cultural evolution in music and identifies certain musical elements that consistently drive value. Perhaps AI music systems should incorporate these principles to enhance musical value. 🎶🎻🥁 #MusicEvolution #MusicAI

Teaching Computers the Pleasure of Musical Anticipation

Teaching intelligent systems to understand sonic surprise is essential to useful AI behavior. Computer analysis of musical expectation codifies the emotional journeys we experience when listening to music. Understanding these emotional arcs with analysis algorithms is an important step in aligning technology and artistry for future innovation. 👂🎶🎧 #EmotionalAI #MusicalAlgorithms

DALL·E 2023-08-22 11.25.56 - An oil painting of an AI system experiencing artistic beauty

Building an AI That Understands Why Music is Beautiful

Technology and creativity often clash in music applications. Composers shape emotional experiences through patterns, and while AI excels at analysis, it struggles with artistic insight. Researchers exploring music’s emotional impact are working to bridge this gap which could lead to improved AI-generated music that captures timeless patterns. 🎤🎧🎶🎸#MusicCreativity #AIComposition